2015-02-13, 10:31
Omg. Thank goodness, thank you so much! My fiancé is going to be filing for bankruptcy in the near future, I'm making sure she uses you for counsel!
By M.K.
2014-03-28, 07:07
Richard: I know that you can get me through this and I can trust everything you’re doing, compared to any other attorney out there,..
By R.G
2016-12-03, 02:20
Thanks, Richard, for all your help! I truly appreciated it!
By S.M.
2014-03-28, 07:39
“I don’t have a very good feeling about most attorneys, but of all the attorneys I’ve ever dealt with, I regard [Mr. Nemeth] as the most fair, a...
By J.K
2014-03-28, 07:39
“My apologies for not sending a note of appreciation sooner, but we did/do appreciate your services and I will refer business to you in the future....
By R.K
2014-03-28, 07:03
Richard, thank you for all of your help, I will always recommend you to anyone who needs this financial help you are awesome!!!!!!
By K.F
2014-03-06, 09:48
Richard - Can't tell you how much my wife and I appreciate all that you have done for us.
By P.F.
2014-03-28, 07:04
Mr. Nemeth: Thank you very, very much
By J.I
2014-03-28, 07:52
“I refer everyone I know with debt problems to you and tell them how great you are.” “My friend said she is really glad I gave her your name; sh...
By L.F
2014-03-06, 09:49
Thank you for the information. We really appreciate Richard taking the extra precautions for us. The last thing we need is someone asking us for money...
By D.A. and D.A.
2014-03-28, 07:38
“Thanks to the whole firm. You did a great job for me. Just tried to call you, fantastic service, thanks so much you’re the best!
By J.B
2014-03-28, 07:51
“Thank you for representing us. We are very happy with your services and will be sending more business your way
By M.D. and P.D.
2014-03-28, 07:39
“Thanks for all your stellar work.”
By T.K
2014-03-28, 07:49
“I also wanted to thank you and Mr. Nemeth for all your help. This was not an easy decision to make to proceed with the filing. But you guys were th...
By A.H
2014-03-28, 07:04
Mr. Nemeth: Thank you for your assistance in my bankruptcy case, for making it go so smoothly! I appreciate the time spent in explanation of the proce...
By B.B
2014-03-06, 09:59
Mr. Nemeth,

Good morning sir,

Just a quick note to thank you for helping me through a very trying experience. It is such a r...
By S.K
2014-03-28, 07:07
We really appreciate you fighting for us.
By A.W. and D.W
2016-12-03, 02:20
You and your team really are the best. I would recommend you and the efforts of your staff to anyone in need of help with getting their finances under...
By B.L
2016-12-03, 02:20
Thanks for making this experience as pleasant as it could possibly be. Your
expertise in this area is greatly appreciated. We felt very prepared...
By RJ and JJ
2016-04-27, 11:56
Thank so you much and for doing this so quickly! And yes, I recovered well, and couldn\\\'t have done so without getting a fresh start.
By V.S