2014-03-28, 07:08
God Bless you Richard and i love you.
2014-03-28, 07:06
“You are a genius, Richard. I don’t get a ton of mail anymore, I have money in my pocket, I still have my home, and now I have a nice car too. Tha...
By D.M
2014-03-06, 09:49
Thank you for the information. We really appreciate Richard taking the extra precautions for us. The last thing we need is someone asking us for money...
By D.A. and D.A.
2014-03-28, 07:38
“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.!!”
By J.H
2014-03-28, 07:04
Mr. Nemeth: Thank you very, very much
By J.I
2014-03-28, 07:52
“I didn't realize how much this BK was upsetting to me. Thank you for your patience throughout this process. I will definitely refer you in the futu...
By R.C
2016-04-28, 11:23
Thank you for all your help with this; you\'ve been awesome! Have a great
day! :)
By M.R
2014-03-28, 07:34
I SO appreciate all of your help and taking care of business on my behalf. . . I’m getting a second chance on life.
By S.G
2014-03-28, 07:07
Richard: I know that you can get me through this and I can trust everything you’re doing, compared to any other attorney out there,..
By R.G
2014-03-28, 07:04
Mr. Nemeth: Thank you for your assistance in my bankruptcy case, for making it go so smoothly! I appreciate the time spent in explanation of the proce...
By B.B
2014-05-12, 06:26
Thank you, Mr. Nemeth. Your thorough explanation very much helped me understand what the Order is for."
By C. T.
2014-05-12, 06:27
Anyway, having no knowledge fours years ago, I am thankful for your advice and your guidance through the process .Thanks for the time and advice you h...
2014-03-28, 07:02
Thank you and please pass along to Mr. Nemeth my appreciation.
By E.M
2014-03-28, 07:39
“I don’t have a very good feeling about most attorneys, but of all the attorneys I’ve ever dealt with, I regard [Mr. Nemeth] as the most fair, a...
By J.K
2016-09-28, 23:58
You and your team really are the best. I would recommend you and the efforts of your staff to anyone in need of help with getting their finances under...
By B.L
2014-03-28, 07:38
“Actually went a lot better than expected. Thank you so much for your help!”
By E.A
2016-04-27, 11:56
Thank so you much and for doing this so quickly! And yes, I recovered well, and couldn\\\'t have done so without getting a fresh start.
By V.S
2015-08-31, 06:57
Thanks so much for everything. Your office has been amazing!
By M.D
2014-03-28, 07:38
“Thanks to the whole firm. You did a great job for me. Just tried to call you, fantastic service, thanks so much you’re the best!
By J.B
2014-03-28, 07:40
“Mr. Nemeth: Thank you for meeting today on such short notice and giving me the straight, hard line. I realize you have a full schedule during a sho...
By L.B